Linux Mint 18 ‘Sarah’ Available Now (in Beta)

linux mint sarah release

The Most User-Friendly Linux Distro Has a New Version

Linux Mint, the one Distro that Linux-users usually recommend to non-Linux users looking to make the transition from Windows, has a new version out, named ‘Sarah’.

Some Early Details about the Release:

– It will be based on the upcoming Ubuntu 16.04 ‘Xenial Xerus

– This latest update comes with full support until 2021.

– A new touchpad configuaration.

– The ‘Update Manager’ has gotten an update.

– Steam, Spotify and Dropbox have been added to the Software Manager and are now easier to install.

Click here to read a full run-down of new features.

While this is an exciting new update, we should make clear that this is a ‘beta’. So if you’re a brand-new Windows user looking to switch to Linux, you should opt for the latest stable release of Linux Mint instead of downloading this Beta.