Social Media, Hosting Coupons and More Business Tips:

Your Business and Social Media

If you are not using social media to promote your business, you are denying your business another facet through which to develop. That being said, there are certain principles to which you should adhere on your quest to develop and maintain an online image. Here are three tips for promoting your business through social media:

Give Out Coupon Codes:

People love free stuff.  If you give your page’s followers coupons, they will find value in following your feed and engaging with your content. And best of all: it doesn’t have to be your coupons! You can give out promo codes for whichever niche your audience tends to be in. Try GoDaddy’s promo codes, which you can find for free here, and give them out. You can find free online promo codes for pretty much whatever merchant you want at DiscountGo.

Consistency in Your Brand Image

There are many social media platforms from which to choose today. Ensure that your brand image stays the same on every post across every platform. Bear in mind that marketing is as much about brand recognition as it is about getting the right information across to the right people.  Content may be worthy of shares, but it will do your conversion rates no justice if it cannot be swiftly and definitively related to your business.

Keep it Real

The first word in “social media” is the first thing that you should focus on. Like it or not, social media platforms were not created to give entrepreneurs an edge in the online marketing arena. They were created so that users could be social. Take the time to answer questions posted on your wall with carefully constructed responses rather than automated ones. Direct traffic to pages belonging to those who post questions or comments. The best way to accumulate followers is to interact with them on a personal basis, so ensure that your automated advertisements are tethered to your business persona by keeping your page alive with less automated material.

Use Pictures and Videos

Users are more apt to share pictures and videos than they are to share straight text because pictures and videos are more engaging. With a single click of the mouse, users can watch their wall light up with something that other people will immediately want to share on their own pages. The redistribution of share-worthy content has the capacity to generate perpetual leads within your target market. Ensure that your content is relevant and exciting and include your brand somewhere in the post. The more shares the content receives, the more credible leads will emerge having had the chance to lay sight on your company logo.

Ultimately, adherence to these three guiding principles should help you improve your conversion rate. The more commanding your online presence becomes, the better chance you have of generating a profit within the cyber void.